Pam’s Journey
as a writer

My whole life, I’ve been doing everything I could be doing not to be a writer. I studied accounting and finance, got my CPA and MBA, then worked in many corporate jobs. I told myself many times, “How could I be a writer? I am not good enough to be a writer.” A typical 20-year imposter syndrome.

Yet, a voice continues to percolate, and it gets stronger as time goes by. A heart wants what it wants. You can’t stop it.

Here I am, twenty years later. I buckled down and wrote my first novel, Luna by Design. There is a little bit of me in the character. There is a little bit of everyone in the book.

We all try to figure out what we want to do when we grow up. We all doubt the decisions we make. We all deal with our guilt and heartbreaks. We all learn and grow. I, finally, embrace the writer part of me and no longer hide behind any jobs.

Making changes is about taking baby steps. Here I am, on the other side, still taking baby steps. If you want a nice breezy beach read that’s reminiscent of your favorite chick flick, check out Luna by Design.


Luna By Design, arriving soon. Explore the intriguing story plot now!