Luna by Design by Pam Didner

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An exciting commercial fiction novel!

Join Luna Lee on her immersive journey of self-discovery, resilience, and love, blending humor, romance, and cultural insights in Pam Didner’s debut novel “Luna by Design.”

Why “Luna By Design” Is A Must-Read For Modern/Contemporary Fiction Lovers

If you’re a fan of the beautifully crafted characters, cultural exploration, and poignant family dynamics of Celeste Ng’s “Little Fires Everywhere”, or the humor-infused, romantic narratives set in culturally rich contexts like Kevin Kwan’s “Crazy Rich Asians”, then “Luna By Design” will undoubtedly captivate you. Navigating thematic similarities, it deals adeptly with cultural clashes and a character’s journey through challenging personal and professional landscapes.

If you appreciate the heartfelt depiction of a character’s resilience and growth found in Gail Honeyman’s “Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine”, where modern womanhood is explored through humor and love dilemmas, “Luna by Design” mirrors these themes too. 

This story’s combination of emotion, humor, romance, and the protagonist’s journey toward self-discovery form an enticing fusion that brings a fresh spin to these universally loved story elements. So, if your bookshelf has a place for Ng, Kwan, or Honeyman, making room for Pam Didner’s “Luna by Design” is a must!

A Story of Self-Discovery Amid Cultural Distinctions and Life’s Challenges

Luna By Design offers a relatable, immersive journey of self-discovery, resilience, and love blending humor, romance, and cultural insights. It uniquely presents the complexities of modern adulthood, while offering the readers an engaging and empathetic character navigating personal, professional, and cultural clashes. This novel serves as a mirror for anyone dealing with life’s trials, inspiring them towards self-confidence and perseverance.

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Pam Didner

When not writing stories, Pam Didner is a B2B marketing consultant, speaker, blogger, podcaster, and coach. Her desire to write stories has been percolating for some time and getting stronger every day; she finally buckled down and finished her debut novel, Luna By Design. She has two novellas and two sequel ideas to complete the Luna series.

As an Asian American, Pam often feels the struggle of feeling like an Eastern woman in a Western world. She firmly believes that storytelling is a great way to help people see similarities between races and religions, rather than the differences, as we all seek to experience fulfilling lives. Her dream is to become a full-time fictional writer.



“Luna by Design shares a relatable narrative for eager 20-something-year-olds navigating the personal and professional growing pains of adulthood—and just life itself! Enjoy the twists and turns of Luna’s self-discovery amidst her modern love story and career-related trials.”

Ali Mowers

Digital Marketing Director at Cross & Crown

“I’ve had the privilege of reading the 2nd version of Luna by Design. The story details a Gen Z woman’s life as she is trying to make her way into the world we live in. The story is extremely relatable for anyone struggling with the balance between career, relationships, family, and really all the things we have going on in our busy lives. Pam has a true art for storytelling, and making you feel the emotions of her characters. I can’t wait to read the final version!”

Taylor Logue

Founder of CoThought Social

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